Only two short years ago, Overwatch was released on May 24, 2016. With the second Anniversary Event taking place May 22nd, only a week away, it’s interesting to find out how successful Overwatch has become in the time it has been a game.

Overwatch playerbase still going strong

As announced in the recent Developer Update, Overwatch has hit a new high with 40 million registered players in Overwatch. Check out the Developer Update below to check out not only Jeff Kaplan announcing the milestone, but also the amazing content we should expect soon.

This type of growth is incredible, especially for a game with a $40 price tag. Compared to Hearthstone which hit 50 million players in two years since it’s launch, Overwatch has shown similar growth to the dominantly mobile free to play game. Interestingly enough, our own news writer, Emily, has recently explored whether Overwatch is a dead game or not in this brilliantly written article which you should check out! With Jeff Kaplan’s announcement however, Overwatch seems to still be a healthy game, very much alive and kicking up a storm!

Why is it successful?


Overwatch’s success can be attributed to a few very successful moves made by the developers, and with leaders like Jeff Kaplan moving the team along, Overwatch will continue to see huge achievements. The combination of popular features from various games can be seen coming together in Overwatch, which attracts all different kinds of people. Features such as having different Heroes to play as, the amazing personalities each Hero offers players and, most importantly, a lore that the community has shown to be actively interested in. Everyone loves the history of their favorite character, which explains why the Archives Event attracted the highest level of player engagement in the game’s lifetime. All these features combined offer variety, a good sense of unpredictableness, and a level of likeableness for characters within Overwatch. For a game celebrating its second year of existence, Overwatch fans alike foresee the game hosting a few more Anniversary Events, with even more people to enjoy it with.
Who knows? By this time next year, perhaps we’ll be enjoying the Anniversary Event with 50 million players!