Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has released a new developer update concerning this month’s Anniversary event. In his latest YouTube video, Jeff discusses the event, which is set to begin on May 22nd. Thanks to the rumors that have been circling this week, not much of the information is new, but plenty of details have now been confirmed for the event.

Petra confirmed

The first of the upcoming changes that Kaplan announced in the developer update is that a new FFA Deathmatch map is going to be released. Called ‘Petra’ (presumably after the historical city of Jordan), it has apparently been designed for both short- and long-range characters. Jeff also told us there’s a large health pack right in the middle of the map, and stated it can cause the area to become particularly dangerous for unaware players.

FFA Competitive Mode

One of the newly-announced pieces of information regarding the event was that a new competitive mode would be introduced for FFA. The new ranked mode will take place on the new Petra map and the Chateau Guillard map. No information has been given on SR rewards, but Jeff did mention that it was a mini competitive season.

New Cosmetics

We know that at least one legendary skin has already been confirmed with Pirate Junkrat, but Kaplan stated in the update that there will be 8 brand-new legendary skins in total for the Anniversary celebrations. During the video, Jeff also hinted at a second legendary skin, stating that the new skin would be;

One skin in particular, because you always like a hint, is a certain dapper gentleman in formalwear that you very much asked us to see what  he would look like in formalwear.

It sounds as though the new skin could be for Talon leader Doomfist, as many members of the community have been asking for a skin based on the spray ‘Tuxedo:’

Arcade Brawl

As confirmed in the announcement tweet on the Overwatch Twitter account, all previous brawl modes from other events will be available during the anniversary event. This is further elaborated on in the developer update in order to give some examples. Modes like Junkenstien’s Revenge, Uprising and Mei’s Snowball Offensive will be playable during the event. All players have to do is keep an eye on the arcade, as the available modes will cycle throughout the coming weeks.

Lootbox Changes

It has been confirmed that previous event skins will be available to purchase, but all previous cosmetics will also be available inside loot boxes. Sprays, voice lines and emotes that were previously locked for the duration of the year will now be dropping in Anniversary loot boxes alongside a guaranteed anniversary item per lootbox.