Dallas Fuel have had their fair share of struggles through the first season of Overwatch League, from players being suspended and fined to some even being dropped from the team, but a lesser-known struggle is the mental toll that occurs behind closed doors as a result of stress. This has become evident with Dallas’ DPS star Effect. He took a break earlier in the season, returning to Korea in early February. In week 4 of Stage 3, the Fuel announced again that Effect was going home. It seems to be another mental break, as the stress of the Overwatch League and the known high standards he places upon himself have gotten to him.

Stage 4 Implications

After Stage 3 ended, the big question on the mind of Dallas Fuel fans everywhere was, “Will Effect be back for Stage 4?” Dallas Owner Mike “hastr0” Rufail had this to say in a series of tweets:

This didn’t provide many answers regarding Effect’s return. Reddit user IceQj posted a a screenshot from Effect’s Twitch stream chat where he stated he would not be playing in Stage 4.

Effect On The Fuel

With this news coming just a few days before the start of Stage 4, where does that put the rest of the Fuel? Their first match against the Shanghai Dragons is looking more and more like a threat. If Effect truly isn’t coming back, that could be the day we see Shanghai get their first win in the Overwatch League. The Fuel’s chances of making the playoffs in both Stage 4 and the postseason were already slim, but now without Effect, they have been all but eliminated. Hopefully Effect is able to get healthy and return for the Fuel.