Have you been bored recently and need something to kill a little time? Well, we’ve got the Overwatch short film that will make any fan of the game squeal with excitement. Shadows depicts the story of Widowmaker and the inner conflict she deals with. Lupin Productions is the group of individuals who are the masterminds behind this brilliant short film. It satisfies a taste for adventure and excitement, whether you are a fan of Overwatch or not. Before spoiling too much, go ahead and watch the short film first ,then continue reading to see my favorite parts of the video! Grab your friends and some popcorn and prepare to be entertained with loads of action and a wonderful performance by all the cast members of Shadows.

The Best Moments

First, a huge round of applause should be given to the film’s lead actress, Rachael L. Rodgers, whose portrayal of Widowmaker is spot on. She sports the blue skin and audacious attitude perfectly, making you think Widowmaker is an actual person. However, every good villain needs a good hero, and the film gives us that in Soldier 76, played by Grayson Peters (who also wrote and directed the film). Both performances were stellar, which kept the film engaging and enjoyable to watch. A few of the film’s most memorable moments include the contrast between these two characters, which shined through the cinematography. One of those scenes is the one in which Soldier 76 and Widowmaker get ready for a fight. While Soldier puts his Tactical Visor on, Widowmaker puts her helmet on, symbolizing that while both characters wear different equipment, their motivation to fight is the same: the desire to finish the mission. This build-up allows for the fight scene between both characters to be even more epic and enjoyable to watch, especially because it’s hard to root against Widowmaker, who fights because she was programmed to, not because she wants to. This inner conflict within Widowmaker is explored throughout the movie, particularly in the beginning and then returning near the end. The actual person behind Widowmaker–Amelie LaCroix–is still intact with remorse and feelings and is battling the heartless and ruthless killer Widowmaker. This inner struggle, which you can’t capture while playing as her in-game, is fascinating to watch on screen, and the Lupin Productions team does a stellar job of translating it from the lore of Overwatch to a film setting.

The film is scattered with other great characters as well, such as the admirable omnic known as Captain Ellway, Widowmaker’s brother Alexia Guillard, and a very short cameo by Mercy. (If you’re interested, the Lupin Productions team also a made a short film on her as well! Check that out here!) It’s a combination of all these personalities that made this film so incredible and even recently contributed to the film’s win for the Award of Excellence at the Global Short International Film Festival.

I hope you enjoyed Shadows as much as I did, and here at the Omnic Post we’d love to hear what you have to think about it. Go ahead and leave your comments below on what you thought about the film!