Hello heroes and welcome to this weeks episode of The Play Of The Game Weekly were we take plays submitted to us by you, the fans. Since last episode we have received lots of great submissions and we’ve picked our favorites to be featured in this episode. As always if you want to see your play featured in this show then be sure to stay until the end of the post where you can find out how to do so. Now let’s not waste anymore time and get into the action for this week!



Here at number five, starting us off for this episode is Glareal and an explosive Junkrat play! Glareal starts by launching himself into a enemy infested capture point on the Nepal map. As Glareal is in the air he rains down grenades becoming a temporary Pharah. About a third of Glareal‘s team is eliminated but he goes in to extend the overtime and keep it from running out. Glareal lands on the point and immediately activates RIP-Tire, detonating it as soon as possible. Instantly four of the enemies are taken out of the point and killed. The play ends with Glareal bombing a lone Orisa.




At number four we have Dragonborn playing Genji with the Blackwatch skin equipped. Dragonborn starts the POTG with him firing a couple shurikens at the enemy team until he makes a judgement call and Swift Strikes right into the enemy team – pushing the payload. With Dragon Blade ready to use at any moment, Dragonborn activates his Dragon Blade and starts cutting away. Within two seconds the enemy Genji and Ana are killed, shortly after Tracer is eliminated followed by Soldier 76 being attacked and eventually eliminated as well!




Our next play comes from ACNLBOY playing D.Va on Kings Row. ACNLBOY is just a couple meters away from getting the payload to it’s final destination but the enemy team is too persistent and won’t allow any of ACNLBOY’s team to get close. ACNLBOY decides to finally soak up as much damage from the enemy team as he can until finally he arrives in-front of the payload and drops his self-destruct. ACNLBOY walks back behind the payload again while firing a couple shots to get that extra damage off. ACNLBOY’s bomb explodes and takes out a whopping five enemies.  All that is left of them is just a Zenyatta doing his best to hold off the payload.




Nearly ending our show we have number two who is brought to us by DeadlyVirez who plays a deadly ReaperDeadlyVirez starts off his play by positioning himself in the enemy back line with a height advantage at the first Hollywood choke point. DeadlyVirez overlooks the enemy team and decides on his first targets. DeadlyVirez jumps down with Death Blossom ready and lights up the enemy team. Hanzo, Junkrat and Widowmaker are killed in DeadlyVirez assault but he doesn’t stop there. DeadlyVirez charges towards Mercy and Torbjörn who escaped the Death Blossom but couldn’t escape two head shots taking both enemies out immediately.




Finally at number one we have ShyRobot playing an eagle eye Widowmaker. Our final play for this week starts with ShyRobot spotting a trigger happy McCree taking some shots at ShyRobot’s team on the point in Nepal. ShyRobot takes time with aiming, getting a clean head shot. ShyRobot’s next target is Mercy as she is healing the enemy team needs to be taken out to win the team fight. ShyRobot aims and takes her first shot taking half of Mercy’s health. ShyRobot aims again this time getting Mercy in the head. ShyRobot picks her next target, a Genji, taking him out quickly with a head shot. An enemy Sombra comes storming in as the fight is coming to an end and tries to EMP the whole team – ShyRobot reacts quickly and gets Sombra with a head shot in time to make her waste the EMP and not have it go off. Some truly amazing marksmanship hear in this play!


How You Can Be Featured On The Show!

Do you have some cool plays you want to be featured on the show? Send them here POTG@Omnicpost.com and we might pick yours for the next episode. If you decide to submit a play be sure to have the clip be in HD or 360p. To better your chances on getting your play featured be sure to keep sending your plays and we will notice. Thank you for watching this episode and be sure to check out the other content we have here on the Omnic Post such as the podcast, other series or our social media. Be sure to tune in next time for another episode and see if your play made it.