As the Archives event is reaching towards its end, we can start piecing together all of the information that was released to us. We will look back and see what we have learned about the mysterious Blackwatch and their agents, especially paying atttion to the debriefs and other information that was ‘declassified’ during the event.

Since before the start of the Retribution Archives Event, Blizzard has been releasing small audio clips, or “Debriefs”, from the characters involved in the Venice Incident. However, these audio clips weren’t the only Blackwatch related information to be declassified and released this April, as Blizzard shows in a trio of formally classified documents, titled “The Venice Mission Memorandum”, written by Gerard Lacroix.

What happened in Venice?

Talon Agents

According to the reports prepared by Gerard, the mission in Venice was a response to an attack on a Black Watch facility in Rome. This information was already common knowledge, but Gerard adds in a slight but very telling detail, namely that the mission was completely unsanctioned and unauthorized.  This means that Gabriel Reyes went to Venice to confront Antonio Bartalotti on his own accord, without getting approval.

The documents also go into detail about the different Talon Agents that were deployed in Venice, a number of whom apparently have been genetically enhanced. The documents also names – or at least partially reveals – the identities of other high ranking Talon Officials that aren’t fully disclosed yet.

The individual debriefs

The short audio tracks inform us about what happened in Venice, starting with Gabriel Reyes, later known as Reaper. He states that he “followed the original plan” but after some “evaluation” thought a few changes were necessary.  After all “when you are on operation, things don’t always go according to plan”.

The second audio debrief was by Mcree. He doesn’t refer to the “decision” made by Reyes in his debrief. Only saying that “the city was trying to kill us.”

The third audio debrief was Genji’s, stating that the original plan of keeping the mission as covert and clean as possible was changed by Reyes. That change then made “survival their primary concern.”

The last audio debrief was by Moria. She starts her statement in different manner than her team members, talking about how many talon forces were after them.  She then adds that Commander Reyes made “the tough decisions” and made sure “they got the job done”.

Blackwatch gets darker than black?

Gerard later adds that the purpose of the mission was, to originally only extract Antonio, not assassinate him. However, with Gabreial conducting this mission unauthorized, who can say that this really was the original plan at all?

We know that both Moria and Reyes later join Talon themselves. Both of them weren’t as emotional as Genji and Mcree when Antonio was shot. So, with the addition of these other pieces of information, can we really be sure as to what the original reasoning behind the plan was? Especially as in the fallout of the public exposure in Venice, all Blackwatch missions were immediately suspended, basically preventing us players from getting any more information about Blackwatch, at least for now.

Want to know more?

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