In sports records are meant to be broken and sadly for the Shanghai Dragons, they are on the verge of breaking a record they never wanted to. According to a stat provided by ESPN Esports the Dragons are only 1 loss away from tying the Philadelphia 76ers for the longest losing streak in a Professional Sports League.

This historic run for the Dragons showcases the struggles the team is having as they try and find their footing in the Overwatch League. Things don’t look to be changing for the Dragons as they enter the last week and a half of Stage 3.

Upcoming For The Dragons

The Dragons’ upcoming schedule is going to brutal. Not only do they have to face the Philly Fusion but also but Stage Champions London and New York. Currently, the record for longest losing streak is 28 and unless the Dragons can pull off a miracle upset they might be the ones who hold that record. There is, however, hope for the Dragons. The Dragons as of late have been looking better and could possibly pose a threat to a team that underestimates them. Their best chance at snagging their first win will most likely be Stage 4 Week 1 as they take on a Dallas Fuel team that is still trying to find their identity as a team.