Artists in Melbourne, Australia recently took to the streets to create a mural celebrating the launch of Overwatch’s Retribution event.

The process

The mural started off depicting McCree and Genji in their vanilla skins, standing in front of the windows of what we now know as Rialto, the map the Retribution event takes place on.

Closer to the launch of the event, the artists began to change up the mural. First, they transformed Genji and McCree into their Blackwatch skins. The next day, Reyes appeared, also shown in his Blackwatch skin. Finally, on day five of creating the mural, Moira appeared, showing off her own brand new Blackwatch skin. Just a few days later, players were able to experience the event and get their hands on the Blackwatch gang’s skins themselves.

The studio

The artists responsible for the amazing mural are a part of Apparition Media, an advertising studio that specializes in producing high quality hand-painted murals. Since 2013, they have grown exponentially and were been able to create incredible works of art advertising movies, games, TV shows and more.

To check out more work from the artists from Apparition Media, click here!

Overwatch’s Retribution event lasts from April 10 to April 30.