“Keep learning and practice and you will have a better understanding of the game, … Which has nothing to do with gender.” -Geguri


As many of you already know, the Overwatch League’s Shanghai Dragons signed up the first woman to play in the Overwatch League, making history in the process! However, her journey to the Overwatch League was a difficult one.

The climb to the top

Geguri’s entrance into the Overwatch League was controversial both privately and publicly. A girl playing at this level of esports was controversial by itself. Entering into a league as the first and only girl however, is even more so. When she had just entered the Overwatch League, two male players accused her of using an aimbot in an official tournament. Claiming that her Zarya play was too accurate and that she had to be cheating.

They tested Geguri, and Geguri proved that not only did she not use an aimbot, but that her aim was, in fact, nearly perfect. This test of Geguri’s and proving herself got so much attention that the Blizzard’s Korean branch even corroborated the story!

With the Dragons

The journey for Geguri however, isn’t going to be any easier now that she is in the Overwatch League. The team she joined was the Shanghai Dragons, which was the only OWL team heading into stage three without a single win. The Dragons have been busy preparing, planning, and, most of all, learning to communicate better in order to claim their first win of the season.

When asked about the situation she finds herself in with the Dragons, Geguri said,

“I only care about trying to make my team better and beat other teams. … We need time to get to know each other and polish teamwork. We will work hard on that. … Our language barrier and communication need effort and improvement the most. We need a lot of learning and communication on that”.

The Dragons are still in a rough spot, but Geguri will remain focused on what matters: herself, her team, and her mantra: “As long as you have the will, anything is possible on this stage.” Geguri herself still fights her own upward battle as the Dragons are still without a win. Watch Geguri and her team play this week the 18th against the Dynasty and the 21st against the Mayhem!