Hello everyone! Today the Omnic Post is here to provide you all with some tips and tricks when it comes to beating the new Retribution mode on legendary. This article will be covering how to effectively take down each of the specials and might even get you on the leader boards, so let’s get started!

Starting out:

First and foremost, we highly suggest going into legendary with a pre-made 4 stack of people you can count on. It makes call outs and communication easier than if you did it with 3 randoms. Now, we are not saying it’s impossible but the challenge’s difficulty is greatly increased. First let’s talk about the spawn room. You are going to want to kill the Troopers fast so you can focus on the Enforcers. For Enforcers you are going to want to kite them, avoiding as much damage as possible in order to avoid depleting your Moira’s heal early on. As you move through the map you will keep encountering these enemies, so be careful of the Enforcers as they can almost one shot anyone on the team.

Now for some tips to help you defeat each of the specials.

Special enemies:

The first special you will encounter is the sniper. You are going to want your Genji to try and take the first shot directed at him so they can deflect it back at her and get some early chip damage. Next, your Genji will need to dash up to the sniper and try to put as many shuriken as possible into the sniper while your McCree pokes from range. The sniper will grapple away so just try your best to keep up with her and keep pumping damage into her. There will also be some Troopers and an Enforcer joining the party so be careful not to get distracted.

The second special you will encounter is the Assassin. This special is very fast and will require some precise timing. When you first encounter the Assassin, it will be perched on a wall and soon will start jumping across the map. Eventually the Assassin will come off the wall and charge someone. Reaper should be the one to try and gain the attention of the Assassin and, if possible, use Wraith before they attack, stunning the Assassin and allowing the team to deal as much damage before it jumps back to the walls. If you do happen to get pinned by the Assassin a quick melee will stun it and knock them off of you. McCree stuns will be crucial as well to keep the Assassin stunned and allow your team to pump damage out and kill it.

Your very last special enemy is the Heavy. This might be the most difficult special you will face as he pumps out a massive amount of damage that can devastate a team and end a run the first time you meet him. Your best bet is to kite the Heavy and avoid as much damage as you can. Try to bring him back to the area where you faced your first Assassin. The main damage dealers for the Heavy need to be Genji and McCree since they can deal damage from a safe distance. Again, Reaper will mainly be the one cleaning up Troopers and Enforcers. Luckily, the Heavy has a large crit hit box, so as long as you stay back and do your best to hit that zone, the Heavy should go down.

The final area:

After defeating all the specials you will come to the final area as you wait for the extraction ship. In this area you will have to take all tips and tricks from above and use them or you will not survive. You will face many waves of Troopers and Enforcers and the best way to deal with them in this area, is to first take out the Enforcers, using ultimates if you have to. Then, you just have to clean up the Troopers after which you will start facing the special enemies again.

The first special enemy attacking will be the Sniper. Genji and McCree will need to really focus on the Sniper and kill her as fast as possible. Next you will have to take down an Assassin. You will want to face the Assassin in one of the open areas to make it a little easier to keep track of them and stun them as much as possible. In between the Assassin and the Heavy, there will be a drop ship that – unless you deal enough damage to it – will just keep dropping enemies. Next you will take on another Heavy. The bottom area around the café is going to be the best place to kite it and keep pumping damage out. Take care though, because once you defeat him you will have one more wave to fight as the extraction ship comes down.

This last wave will throw just about every enemy you have already faced at you, from your standard Trooper all the way to Heavies. You will need to limit the amount of damage you take. Do not lag behind and try to kill all the enemies before getting on the ship, because you will die! Once all 4 members of the team are on the ship, you will complete the mission and get your fancy spray to prove that you have finished the event on legendary.


That is all the tips and tricks we have for you today. Good luck in your Retribution runs!