The new line up

Since the Overwatch league started last January, you probably got yourself some merchandise in support of your favorite team by now. You might have a skin for gameplay, a jersey, maybe even a jersey with your favorite player’s name on it. However, Blizzard has recently released some new merchandise you are definitely going to want to add to your wish list. So get your wishes, pens, and money cards ready, because this is what is new in the Blizzard Gear Overwatch League store!

First up there are some new shirts! The Blizzard Gear store originally had some shirts that featured the logo and name of your favorite team. You could only get them in one color, but the big news about these new shirts is – get ready for it – that they are available in more than one color! That extra color will cost you an extra $3, so these ‘season one’ shirts with an extra color will cost you a total of $28.

Did anyone bring an extra coat? Maybe some mittens?

Now, many of us do not have the pleasure of living in the usually sunny and warm lands that belong to the Florida Mayhem. So to answer this dilemma, Blizzard has finally released some Overwatch League gear for the colder areas of the world. One of the first items Blizzard released for those of us who have cold seasons, was once again a shirt, but wait! This one has long sleeves! The long sleeve shirts are much more discrete in their designs. No giant logos in the center of it or anything, just a focus on the colors of the team you love. The extra fabric will cost you though, as this shirt is $38.

Now, what kind of long sleeved and mainly color focused shirt would be perfect without a pair of sweats to match it? Blizzard has you covered from head to toe with some new sweatpants as well! You can make your own full body tracksuit of fanfare with the combination of the sweatpants, officially called ‘joggers’, and long sleeve shirt. The so-called ‘joggers’  cost $45 so the entire outfit would be about $83.

Looks so good you can’t be nerfed

Now the biggest and headliner item of this new release, is the jacket. This “Overwatch League Performance Jacket” will definitely have you looking so fly, even Pharah would be impressed. Dressed like this, your opponents will have no choice but be impressed with your choice of clothing at the very least, when you partake in some competitive play wearing this ‘performance’ jacket. These jackets feature two colors and have a zipper down the middle. You will also look official with your teams name proudly placed over your heart! You will definitely want to put this item on your wishlist as soon as you can, though you will probably have to save up for it as it is $120!