Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow is a large point of contention at the moment, with a high percentage of the Overwatch community feeling it is overpowered, luck based and not fun to play against. The developers were pressured into rethinking this skill and coming up with something else entirely after outcry became too loud to ignore.

However, with the recent Archives update a buff has come in under the radar, taking his Scatter cool-down from 10 seconds to 8 seconds. It was something eagle eyed reddit user Emc73 noticed and shared on the Overwatch subreddit.

Not only does this mean his ultimate charges faster, but kills from his scatter are more common and more frustrating, as our Omnic Crew Stream on Wednesday can attest to.

Could this be in preparation for his incoming skill change, an accident or perhaps a permanent change?

With no mention of it anywhere in the latest patch notes we can only speculate at this point.