With Overwatch being one of Blizzard’s biggest games across platforms, the team has recently shared that they are open to the idea of giving players the capability to share their saved progress between console and PC.
Despite their interest in sharing players’ save data cross-platform however, it doesn’t look like this will be happening anytime soon.

The interview

In an interview with PCgamesN, Jeff Kaplan sat down to talk about the new Retribution event, character balances, and the possibility of players ever being able to share their game progress between console and PC.

Kaplan stated:

“This is something that we have ongoing and frequent discussions about with our tech group. It’s something we would very like to explore. It’s very challenging for many reasons, and I won’t get into all the details as to why, but I think it’s a very valid desire that our players have and it’s something that the Overwatch team would love to figure out.”

Achievements and future hopes

Currently, you can link your Battle.net account to your Xbox or PlayStation 4 gamer tag, and it will sync up with Blizzard’s console games, such as Overwatch or Diablo III. This feature gave players the ability to bring over their last gen console Diablo III characters over to Xbox One and PS4, and continue to play, loot, and level them. So, Blizzard has a bit of experience already with moving save data platform-to-platform, and we can only hope they can get cross-platform save sharing down in the future.

The aftermath

Kaplan ended his answer saying, “We will continue to work hard on it to make it happen someday, if we can get around some of the challenges that we’re faced with”.
So while cross-platform sharing will not happen today or even tomorrow, Blizzard is working on it, and until then we can only wait and play some Overwatch to pass the time!