Hero 27 has been announced and it has been confirmed that Brigitte will soon be joining the fight in Overwatch. She has already entered the PTR (Public Test Region) in the PC version of the game, however, she will soon make her way onto console for Xbox One and PS4 players as well. As many of you may already know, Brigitte is Torbjörn’s youngest daughter and Reinhardt’s trusty travelling companion. Like all Overwatch characters, Brigitte has a ton of references hidden in the Hero Gallery, so this week we’re going through our favorite Brigitte Easter Eggs.

First of all, two of Brigitte’s legendary skins, Máni and Sól, are references to the Nordic deities “Mani and Sol”, who were the divine forces that ultimately animated the moon and sun. On the back of these skins you can see a moon for Máni and a sun for Sól, respectively.

Brigitte also references her two male role models in her skins and emotes. For example, three out of four of her rare (blue) skins have the exact same names and color schemes as Torbjörn (Blå, Grön, Plommon). Additionally, her Taunt emote is very similar in comparison to Reinhardt’s Taunt emote. Both heroes flip their weapon up onto their shoulder and beckon towards the enemy.

Finally, Brigitte’s sprays are all pretty much references to something within the Overwatch universe. Our favorite of these references are the sprays that link to the Overwatch comic “Dragon Slayer”. The Apprentice spray shows Brigitte working on Reinhart’s hammer. This moment occurs in the comic where it is explained that she is Reinhardt’s engineer and apprentice. Arguably one of her most important sprays when referencing the comic, is the Armored Lion spray which was the stuffed lion toy that Brigitte upgraded for a young girl named Hanna, towards the end of the comic. This stuffed toy lion actually represents Reinhardt; which is why it is such a significant Easter Egg in Overwatch.