Hide Your Peanut Butter

J!NX’s next round of Overwatch Ultimate Hoodies have been teased! With this announcement come three new hero themed Hoodies, available from J!NXs’ online catalog. This time around the previews include Winston, Sombra and Bastion. We gave you a preview of J!NXs’ popular “Ultimate Hoodie” line  back in November, and again in February, and now we’re here once more to show you J!NXs’ latest installments!







Pre-orders, dropping in!

There are currently seven Hero-themed hoodies available for sale, priced at $59.99. These include D.Va, Lucio, Genji, Roadhog, Zarya, Reinhardt and Widowmaker. This latest installment adds three more fan-favorites to the list of previews available now on J!NX’s website, and brings the total available previews up to 9. Pre-orders for these 9 new hoodies are set to open up in April this year, so prepare to attack, have Zen toss you an orb, and hack the planet in style!


Still more to come

If your favorite hero hasn’t yet made the list, worry not! The rest are yet to come. We’ll make sure to bring you the latest update when the next round of previews is announced. Until then, head over to J!NX’s site to check out previews or order another hero’s hoodie today!