Félix “xQc” Lengyel and Dallas Fuel have mutually decided to part ways just two days after Félix received a suspension for ‘racially disparaging’ emotes.

The statement can be found on the Dallas Fuel website and comes as no surprise to anybody watching the xQc drama closely.

Past issues

Prior to his more recent fine and suspension, Félix has had a reputation for being one of the more passionate and sometimes tilting players within the Overwatch streaming community; receiving bans in competitive matches, sometimes mid-stream, for misuse of the reporting system and throwing matches before fully joining the Overwatch League.

His first suspension came after ‘homophobic remarks’ towards fellow League player and streamer Muma, an action that cost him $2000 and a four match ban. This match ban was lengthened to the end of Stage 1 by Dallas Fuel.

Nothing but praise from Dallas

The statement by Dallas Fuel owner Mike Rufail, is very complimentary of the xQc showing that the team will be sad to see him go and that the move was a necessary for the future of their team and their need for an extra player.

There are few players out there who have achieved as much success in as short a time as Félix has in competitive Overwatch. Ultimately, it was in the best interest of our organization and Félix to part ways before the expiration of his contract.

With the move Dallas can now ensure they have the money and resources to hire a new player, somebody with less controversy surrounding them in time for the upcoming transfer window.

So what now

Both Dallas and xQc have stated they are happy with the split, as Félix now has more freedom without worrying about racking up more fines (the total now sits at $6000) and Dallas can shop around for another tank.

Though xQc is out of the League it won’t be the last time we hear of him as he is a rather prominent member of both the Twitch and Overwatch community, complete with a very dedicated and passionate fan base behind him.