Boston Uprising’s General Manager has confirmed that despite recent absences, main tank player Gamsu is not going to be leaving the team. The confirmation has been published after recent rumors suggested that the pro-player had too many disagreements with the team’s management, and might be transferred.

Rumors Abound

Late yesterday evening prominent esports journalist Rod Breslau took to Twitter to announce that according to his sources, Boston Uprising faces turmoil within its organization. Fans have questioned the absence of Uprising main tank player Gamsu during the match against Florida Mayhem. Apparently, he had information that there were “different visions” between Head Coach Crusty, in-game leader Gamsu and General Manager Chris “HuK” Loranger on how the Uprising should move forward.


Speculation Denied

However, these comments seem to be little more than speculation as Breslau’s tweets elicited a swift response from HuK himself in the form of a blog post.

HuK officially addressed the rumours by mentioning their highly damaging nature on a blog post on the website Medium. Gamsu had apparently missed the match due to illness, and in his official statement Huk confirmed;

He [Gamsu] flew to Korea, and is scheduled to fly back on Monday of 3/12. Here at Boston we generally have an open door policy as far as discussing any trades or sales, but we have never came close to selling or trading Gamsu, Striker, or Neko. Although results in Stage 2 are not what we hoped for, we want to iterate we succeed and fail as a team, not as individuals whether that is staff or players.

“Succeed and fail as a team”

Since Huk has denied the rumours of Gamsu’s departures, it seems as though Rod Breslau’s tweets have since disappeared from Twitter. It goes to show just how damaging such rumours can be, for both those creating them and the subject of such rumours.  If you’re worried about Gamsu, he should return to the Boston lineup from March 12th.