Welcome oddities, scientists, adventurers and soldiers to a brand new episode of The Play Of The Game Weekly! As always, today’s episode as has lots of great play of the games submitted by you the fans of Omnic Post! We receive a lot of POTG’s here at the Omnic Post from you guys and they all containing unique ways of achieving the coveted POTG reward at the end of the match. Destruction, carnage, teamwork and lots of excitement will be seen in today’s episode, we have picked our favourites to showcase today to you, the fans! Remember to stay till the end of the post to find out how you can send your POTG’s to us and possibly be featured in the show, but the wait ends now as we get into our top five plays for this week!



We have SwankyPants playing a mean Ana, using all her abilities in every great way possible! SwankyPants starts the play with him and his team pushing the payload through Eichenwald, healing his whole team as they take all the damage being thrown at them. Suddenly his ally Zarya uses her ultimate and grabs all the enemies in the Graviton Surge. Reacting quickly, SwankyPants Nano Boosts his ally Reinhardt and throws a Biotic Grenade onto all of the enemies in the Graviton Surge to deny the enemy Zenyatta ultimate and causing all of them to be eliminated! SwankyPants brought us a POTG that shows what all Ana players should do with their team!




At number four we have a returning submitter, Sonagprs playing a real brave and in your face Reinhardt! The POTG kicks off with Sonagprs charging into battle trying to stop the payload from moving any further. Sonagprs goes right through the enemy team getting to their back line and immediately taking out the enemy Moira with a quick swing to the face. Sonagprs keeps swinging and takes out the enemy Sombra to then follow up with a Hammer Down, knocking down two more enemies.  Sonagprs then stomps toward the Reaper and Tracer swinging at their crippled bodies eliminating them both. Sonagprs brought us a great and brave Reinhardt play, receiving its spot in this weeks episode!




Our next POTG comes from a new submitter and features a new hero to Play Of The Game Weekly, Harb_Uae playing an amazing SymmetraHarb_Uae’s play begins with the enemy McCree rolling right into them, causing the destruction to begin! The McCree tries to backtrack until he meets his fate, the enemy Sombra then tries to avenge McCree but she is melted quickly! Lucio is next on Harb_Uae’s list and following Lucio’s death is Genji who tries to run away but is not quick enough, giving our hero a quadruple kill! Harb_Uae’s destruction with Symmettra gives his team a great advantage to push forward and keep the point for themselves the rest of the game!




At number two we have another amazing POTG submitted by BlasterDark1 who is playing a speedy GenjiBlasterDark1 starts his POTG with a Swift Strike to the sky allowing him to activate his ultimate in the air. BlasterDark1 then falls from the sky with his sword in hand, slicing Tracer to eliminate her first then Swift Strikes towards Mei killing her with another strike of the blade! BlasterDark1 then acquires his next target, and Zenyatta is sliced up bringing him down with honour and respect,  BlasterDark1 looks at the two tanks who are grouped together trying to flee the mad Genji, unfortunately for them, they are taken out quickly with multiple strikes of the sword.




Finally, at the number one spot for this weeks episode, we have JuanSegutierrez1 playing Zarya like a pro. JuanSegutierrez1 begins the grand play with him taking out the D.Va’s mech, making baby D.Va retreat to the rest of her team. None of them, however, expected JuanSegutierrez1 to trap them in that tight space for a grand Graviton Surge. JuanSegutierrez1 finishes reloading his weapon and starts firing bombs into the trapped enemies killing everyone one by one. JuanSegutierrez1 brings us a fantastic play showing just how much a Zarya can do alone once she is really powered up! Amazing job JuanSegutierrez1 you deserve the number one spot this week and I hope to see more of you in the future!



How To Be Featured On The Show!

That’s all for this week’s show but be sure to tune in next time where we will have more amazing plays for you all! If you want to submit a play to us that you think deserves to be shown then send it here POTG@Omnicpost.com where we receive all of our clips that we show! If you submit a clip don’t hesitate to include your Twitter or Instagram name and please if you can have the clips be in HD or 360p minimum. Thanks for watching this weeks episode and I will see you next time!