Welcome to another daily recap! We’re here to serve up some delicious insight on the previous night’s games incase you missed it, so let’s jump into it. Stage 2 has been a roller coaster ride for many teams transitioning into the South Korean favored meta, running various support combos with Lúcio. Right now the western teams aren’t looking too hot as they attempt to compete at the same caliber as their Korean counterparts. But only time will tell if this proves to be true.

Seoul Dynasty (3) vs Philadelphia Fusion (1)

Seoul sent a clear message out to the other western teams, they reign in this meta. Seoul took a big victory against dive heavy Philadelphia Fusion who previously reverse swept the Houston Outlaws. With Philly looking like a powerhouse, the expectations were set high.

Volskaya – Map 1

The first half of the series Seoul looked dominant. On Volskaya Industries, Philadelphia took the first two objectives with relative ease. Philly subbed in EQO who has demonstrated that he’s a very capable Genji. True to his reputation, he managed to single handedly dismantle the Seoul defense early on.

Seoul on attack showed a dertermination to win when they took the fight on to the Fusion turf. Seoul’s support player Tobi’s hero pool allowed the team to flex to more counter-dive options, putting the Philly Fusion in a tough spot to find hero options to counter. Seoul took the first two objectives with more time in the bank. On the third round Seoul’s counter-dive strategy worked once again, as Philly’s team cohesion began to crumble. As a result, Seoul took Volskaya Industries putting them in the lead.

Lijiang Tower – Map 2

On Lijiang Tower, The Dynasty looked prepared. They didn’t give the Fusion much room to breathe and managed to almost constantly spawn camp much of Philadelphia on Gardens.

Dynasty were just as punishing in the rext round. Their DPS duo of Fleta and Bunny absolutely wrecked the Philadelphia backline, putting them at a higher disadvantage. Seoul was keen on keeping Carpe and EQO out of their own backline, constantly punishing aggressive advances by the DPS. Seoul took Lijiang Tower, giving them a 2-0 lead.

Kings Row – Map 3

Things took a turn when the persistent Fusion arrived to King’s Row. They did not want to go without a swing, running a triple tank offense, putting EQO on Roadhog and pummeling through the Dynasty defense. Seoul Dynasty is notorious for being the dominant team in King’s Row but as of lately they’ve received two losses on this map, one of them being against Shanghai Dragons. Once again off-tank Poko popped off with D.VA self-destructs making sure to get the Seoul Dynasty off the payload to secure the third objective.

Philadelphia made good adjustments to procure the series on King’s Row giving themselves a chance to take possible victory. Philadelphia took the series 1-2.

Watchpoint Gibraltar – Map 4

Watchpoint Gibraltar was a crushing defeat for the Philadelphia Fusion, as they got stomped by the relentless Seoul Dynasty. Not much to say here, but the Seoul Dynasty turned up the heat by focusing the support core of Philadelphia and always keeping the payload contested with their sneaky stall tactics. Seoul took the victory over Fusion 3-1.

L.A Valliant (4) vs Huston Outlaws (0)

Only a day ago did the Valiant lose to their Los Angeles counterpart, the Gladiators in the battle of Los Angeles. In this series they came prepared to win. The positional change for former support KariV on to the DPS role has proven to be quite successful as the DPS duo of SoOn and KariV are a force to reckon with and the should not be taken lightly.

Volskaya – Map 1

KariV played a frightening Reaper on Volskaya, a hero seen seldom in the league due to his effective range maneuverability. He blasted the Houston tanks to smithereens with those Reaper shotguns giving the edge to the Valiant early on. Houston on the other hand looks lost in this meta having lost 11 matches straight. One of Houston’s biggest problems is the lack of a prominent Tracer, who has a prevalent spot in the meta. The Houston Outlaws looked dumbfounded when they could not answer back to the Valiant. The Valiant took Volskaya in a stunning landslide.

Lijiang Tower – Map 2

Moving on to control, Lijiang Tower seemed to be a win not to far within reach for the Houston Outlaws, although the Valiant known for having a shifty Lucio in player Verbo, came in clutch with a value boop on Houston, throwing half the players off the map along with their momentum. Valiant came to win and showed their dedicated fan base that they were just warming up on the Outlaws.

Route 66 – Map 3

Route 66 the Valiant were locked on delivering a stomp against Houston. They had a strong defensive hold of the the payload, barely allowing the Houston offense to take control. Valiant’s SoOn managed to get an insane pulse bomb on to Boink’s Lucio mid wall ride. The play was nutty and it was even more insane with the slow motion replay. Houston on the other hand had Jake running Tracer, a hero he’s not notoriously known but he’s looking to improve upon. Sadly, Houston didn’t have proper set up and took another loss.

Boston Uprising (4) vs Shanghai Dragons (0)

Despite starting Stage 2 with three straight 4-0 losses, Boston has now picked up two straight 4-0 sweeps of its own. The Dragons on the other hand were without one of its best players DPS player Diya, who returned home to China earlier this week due to a family emergency. This forced the Dragons to run triple tank with MG on Roadhog.

Volskaya – Map 1

Volskaya seemed somewhat competitive during mid-fights, having MG hook some Boston players his way and then the rest of the team were tasked with finishing the target off. Some of the engagements looked clean by the Dragons, others looked quite sloppy. Overall Boston punished the Dragon’s bad positioning and with added momentum put Volkaya in their pocket. DPS player for Uprising Dreamkazper looked very good on the Genji, getting value blades with 2 or more kills. Uprising easily sliced their way to victory.

Nepal – Map 2

Nepal was a true treat to watch for fans of the Uprising. Dreamkazper on Pharah was pocketed by the Mercy on Sanctum, you can call that map a true slaughterhouse for Boston. Value boops and concussions firing from all cylinders. The hapless Dragons could barely hang on to the point. Boston took two rounds back to back on Nepal. The momentum of the Uprising seemed to be going up from here.

King’s Row – Map 3 & Route 66 – Map 4

King’s Row and Route 66, once again stomps on behalf of the Uprising. Just when you’d think the Dragons were picking up the pieces, the mighty Genji blade from Dreamkazper’s flanks would decimate the supports and DPS. It was easy clean up for the tanks from there. The Dragons have had a rough start in Stage 1 and 2, they have new players on the way along with Geguri the first female player from Korea who will be filling the off-tank slot. Uprising came out on top, cementing their dominance against Shanghai.

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