A high school student recently reached out to the Blizzard team on the official Overwatch forums for a school project and was surprised to find an outpouring of support from Blizzard employees. Multiple members of staff, including lead software engineer Bill Warnecke, rallied and responded in detail to aid in the project.

A Question of Computer Science

SushiDoge, a Genji main and high school student in Ontario, Canada, reached out to Blizzard with a polite and enthusiastic request for assistance explaining his situation. SushiDoge had an assignment was to contact someone outside of Canada in the computer science field and ask them some questions about the nature of their work. Safe to say Genjis always know when to ask for healing, and in this case was a Genji player was the best person to ask for support! The questions he asked were:

  1. What does a typical workday look for you? What responsibilities or roles do you take on? Do you get to play Overwatch on the job?
  1. How do you think your work impacts the environment (positive, negative)? What is being done at Blizzard, and your job specifically, to help preserve the environment?
  1. What was your academic background? What did you do before working at Blizzard? How did you get your job at Blizzard?

SushiDoge finished his request with a polite salutation and an energetic “P.S. Ryūjin no ken wo kurae!”

Cheers Love, the Calvary’s Here

SushiDoge’s request received a massive outpouring of support from the employees at Blizzard. The questions were quickly discovered by Overwatch Developer Bill Warnecke. As Warnecke explained to SushiDoge, he is a lead software engineer on the Overwatch team and part of the Reliability Engineering team. The Reliability Engineering focuses on the live operations, build systems, and automation at the highest level of operation. A few days later Blizzard community manager Josh Engen posted even more responses to SushiDoge’s forum post from Lead Software Engineer Keith Miron, Senior Gameplay Engineer Stephen Penson, Senior Software Engineers Howie Yoo and Andrew Wang!

Each responder went through and fully answered each of SushiDoge’s questions. They described their jobs in both in technical and everyday terms. They also explained the advantages and sometimes disadvantages of working at Blizzard. The most common disadvantage seems to be related to Transportation. To see Bill Warnecke’s full and detailed post go here, and to see the answers posted by the other Overwatch Engineers go here.

It wasn’t just Blizzard employees and Overwatch team members that came to support SushiDoge though. Many average Overwatch Community members came out to support SushiDoge and wish him luck with his Computer Science project! From average people to some of the highest authorities that are constantly working behinds the scenes, the entire community from all levels came out to support SushiDoge in his project any way they could. People from different nations, backgrounds, ages, and nationalities were united in an effort to help a complete stranger with a high school project.

Harmony and Discord

Recently, toxicity in the Overwatch community has been becoming more prominent, and as we mentioned in the first episode of our opinion series The Omnic View, it’s even prevalent among role models in the Overwatch League. However, despite its massive publicity it only makes up a very small part of the community.

One such gem of the positive side of Overwatch is the act of the Blizzard’s Overwatch Developers team to take the time out of their days to answer a few questions posted for them on the forums by a high schooler looking for help on a Computer Science project.

Hopefully, positive instances and acts of support such as this begin to outshine the toxicity that begun to fester in the Overwatch Community. It is up to the Overwatch community as a whole to answer the toxicity crisis and outshine the bad with all the good it has. So, to quote our favourite gorilla scientist Winston, “Are you with me?”