Day one of the Overwatch League is official in the books. The day was filled with big matches and even bigger plays. And in case you missed it I’m here to give the rundown of all 3 matches from yesterday.

Match 1: San Francisco Shock vs Los Angeles Valiant

The first match of the day brought together two teams from California in a head-to-head match. The San Francisco Shock behind team captain dhaK looked to bounce back from a mediocre preseason and start the season off with a win, while the Valiant were coming off an impressive preseason looking to ride the momentum into a day one victory. The first map of the set would take us to the escort map Dorado. The Shock would look a little shaky in their first attack, getting stalled, but stellar play from Babybay on the McCree would allow the Shock to move the payload all the way through the second point before the Valiant would get a hold and end the round. On the Valiant’s attack, they would come out guns blazing taking the first point with ease. After getting stalled a little bit, the Valiant would eventually make it through second and make their final assault on the map, taking the win and a 1-0 lead in the set.

The second map would be the assault map Temple of Anubis. Again the Shock would attack first. Their first push would be stalled for just a little bit before the Shock’s respawns would come back and help take Point A.  Point B’s attack would be stalled for a quick second while the Valiant used their rip-tire. Then, the Shock would move in and start their attack. They looked to be beaten early but plays from Babybay and Nevix kept the push alive. Agilities of the Valiant would use his Dragonblade but would get nothing and eventually die. Babybay would pull out his own, getting the kill onto uNKOE, allowing them to build up over two ticks of control on the meter before respawns from the Valiant came in. The respawns wouldn’t hold for long and the Shock would take Point B.  On the Valiant’s attack their initial push would be stalled out and forced to regroup, before making a second push and eventually taking point A, after a very aggressive Point B defense from the Shock, forcing the Valiant back into spawn. Eventually the Valiant would get through the defense of the Shock and take Point B. The Valiant would go on the attack again since they ended with less time in the time bank. They would take Point A using about half of their available time. They would go through to Point B with strong tank play and big plays from SoOn and Agilities, then would take the point with 11 seconds left on the clock. Now the Shock would be looking to respond. Agilities of the Valiant would carry his team, getting early picks on Babybay and later he would have Sleepy’s number picking him off forcing the Shock back. Eventually the Shock would take Point A but with only 30 seconds to take Point B, they would not be able to get the job done and the Valiant would take a 2-0 set lead.

Now it would be time for the control map Ilios. The first point of the map set would be Lighthouse. This point would go to a 99-99 but the Shock would eventually take the point and an early 1-0 lead. Next, they would go to Ruins and the Widowmakers came out on both sides. SoOn would be the stronger Widowmaker, out playing his counterpart Babybay. The Valiant would look strong, taking Ruins in a dominating fashion with a 100-0 point take. Finally they would go to Well where there would surprisingly be very little booping capability. The Shock would take early control getting their control meter all the way up to 65% before the Valiant would flip the point and start building on their control meter. From there on it would be all Valiant who would eventually take the point and map 2-1. This would give the Valiant the first win of the Overwatch League, but there would still be one more map to play.

The last map we would see was Numbani.  Early pushes from the Shock during their attack phase were snuffed out and would eventually be pushed to overtime before they would get the necessary frags coming from Sleepy on the Zenyatta to take the point and start their payload push. After a good initial push from the Shock, the Valiant would overpower them and hold them in spawn. The payload would start moving backwards as the Shock would not be able to get back to the payload before the clock just about hit zero, but Nomy in primal rage would touch; it wouldn’t be enough and the Shock would be stopped there. The Valiant would then get their turn to attack. After their first push was stalled, the Valiant would regroup and on their second push, would take the point on the back of a Tactical Visor from SilkThread. This begins the push to a 4-0 victory. SoOn would push up to look for an early pick, and at least stall the Shock a little to get the payload as close to the box of victory as possible. The Valiant would bring the fight to the Shock and get the payload almost to the box victory before the Shock could get to the point. However, the kills kept coming in on the side of the Valiant, taking the map completing the 4-0 sweep of the Shock.

Match 2: Shanghai Dragons vs Los Angeles Gladiators

The second match of the day would bring us one of the teams from Asia – the Shanghai Dragons – as they take on the second team from Los Angeles, the Gladiators. Shanghai is looking to prove that the preseason was a fluke and that they are a team to be worried about, while the Gladiators are looking to build some momentum after beating London Spitfire and then falling to the Valiant in the preseason. The first match of the set would take the teams to the escort map Dorado.

The Dragons would come out on attack first, but they wouldn’t get much done. Hydration on the Doomfist and Surefour on the Widowmaker proved to be too much for the team from China, and they failed to make it to the first check point opening the door wide open for the Gladiators to take an early lead. The Gladiators would come out on to the attack strong and take the Dragons by storm. Hydration’s Genji, Surefour’s Tracer, and the rest of the team would blow through the defense of the Dragons and get to the box of victory in under a minute to take the lead 1-0 in the set.

The teams would next go to Temple of Anubis. The Dragons would come out on attack first, and after getting stalled for just a minute, the kills would fall in favor of them and they would take the Point A relatively quick. Point B would be more of a struggle. Shaz of the Gladiators would switch from Ana to the Zenyatta and would put on a show for all to watch. The Dragons would get many attempts to take Point B but the Gladiators were ready for them every time and pushed them back, forcing a regroup. The last fight of the round would be in overtime. Shaz would get two big picks that would give the Gladiators the edge they would need to win the fight and leave the Dragons with no control meter built on Point B. Los Angeles on their attack would start fast and start strong taking point A with ease, with big plays from Surefour on the Genji and iRemiix on the Winston. Once they captured Point A, they quickly moved onto Point B, and with a bunch of kills coming from Surefour, the Gladiators would easily get the one tick they needed to win the map and take a commanding 2-0 map lead heading into halftime.

The third map in the set would take the teams to Ilios for the control map of the match. The teams would first start on Well. Early play from Hydration on the Pharah allowed the Gladiators to gain control of the point and wouldn’t give it up until they are already at 99%, when the Dragons would be able to get the picks needed to flip the point. The Dragons would be able to hold the point and get their meter up to 99% before a big play from the Lucio player BigGoose would boop FreeFeel on the Zenyatta, who was using his ult, into the well allowing the Gladiators the space they needed to take the point back and win the point. Next they would head to the Ruins. Early control would go the Dragons but they would only be able to get up to 58% before the Gladiators would be able to take the point and start to build their own control meter. This would be a team effort from the Gladiators as they would not lose the point again and take Ilios 2-0 and the win before they would go to the last map of the set.

The last map of that would be seen in the match would be Eichenwalde. Early pushes from the Dragons didn’t amount to much, but they would pick it up and start getting picks and be able to get some control meter built up – but the Gladiators were able to get respawns in and stop the Dragons from gaining full control of the point, but allowing them to gain just under 90% control meter. As the clock ticked down, the Dragons would make one last push onto the point, but the Gladiators would have none of it getting big picks on the Mercy and Winston shutting down the push and forcing overtime to tick away before the Dragons could take point A. Next, the Gladiators would try to do their best on attack and close out the match. After an early stall from the Dragons on their first attack, the Gladiators would regroup and try again to get just 88% control of the point to take the map. Hydration’s Pharah and Asher on the Tracer would prove too much for the Dragons and the Gladiators would pick up the kills needed to push the Dragons off the point and allow them to take full control of the point and win, giving the Gladiators a 4-0 win on day 1.

Match 3 Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty

The last match of the day was hyped up to be the most entertaining match of of maybe the whole season and it did not disappoint. Dallas,  the former team Immortals, were the first ever Western team to win a Overwatch title in Korea. Seoul, a team made up of the powerhouse team Lunatic Hai two time APEX champions, would face off against each other. These two teams have been rivals since the beginning. Both teams came into this match knowing that the winner could easily go on to be the inaugural Overwatch League Grand Champions. We would start the match in the escort map Junkertown.

The first attack would come from the Fuel who would start on the well known Pirate Ship start with a Bastion and Orisa set up on the payload. They would be able to take first point after a little bit of a stall from the Dynasty, before heading into the streets phase of the map. Initially, the Dynasty would force the Fuel off the point and reset but the Fuel would come back strong and push the payload almost to the end of the second point, before the Dynasty would recontest. But it would be to no avail as the Bastion play from Harryhook was just stellar, and allowed his team to move through the check point and onto the last part of the map. They would then ride that momentum and big plays from Taimou and Effect to push the payload to the end of the map and secure the 3 points. Next would be the Dynasty on attack. We would not see the Pirate Ship come out from the Dynasty but a more normal team comp and they would steamroll through the Fuel and take first point with over 4 minutes still on the clock. Getting to second would not be as easy though. The Fuel would respond and force the Dynasty to regroup at spawn. Eventually the Dynasty would be able to get the kills they needed from Miro, Zunba and Fleta, to move the payload through second and on to the last phase of the map. The Dynasty look like they would be able to match the Fuels 3 points but Mickie on Orisa and Seagull’s Junkrat would put an end to that and the Fuel would take map 1 and the early lead against the Dynasty.

Then came the map of the day. The teams would next take on the assault map Temple of Anubis. The first attack belong to the Fuel. Behind xQc and Mickie, strong tank play Effect was able to pop off on the Widowmaker. They would take Point A in a blistering pace in under a minute and would them a whooping 7 minutes to take Point B. Effect would keep terrorizing the Dynasty giving his tanks room to move and cleanup the rest of the Dynasty, and take Point B with 6:14 left in the time bank. How would Dynasty respond on their attack? After an initial stop from the Fuel ,the Seoul would come back and take Point A with just over a minute and half left, giving them 5:30 left to take Point B. Big plays from Fleta and Munchkin would allow the Dynasty to take Point B and the map to a round 3 and 4. Since Seoul had less time in the time bank, they would be back on the attack in Round 3. Round 3 would be Munchkin’s round; he would get picks that allowed his team to move onto the point and take it quickly before moving onto Point B. Munchkin would keep up his dominance with support from Ryujehong and Zunba, who would take Point B with 3:18 still left in their time bank. Now, it would be time for the Fuel to give their response on their attack. After stellar play from Tiamou and xQc on the Roadhog and Orisa respectively, they would take Point A. The Fuel would rush onto Point B getting picks from Effect, xQc, and Tiamou, forcing the Dynasty onto the stall characters but it would be to no avail and Fuel would take Point B with 4:30 and send the map to Round 5 and 6. Again Seoul Dynasty would be on the attack. The Dynasty would start off strong with Fleta’s Genji play getting picks quickly giving his team the room they needed to move onto the point and take it with a quick team kill giving them plenty of time to move onto Point B. After the first few pushes were stopped by the Fuel, the Dynasty would get one last push onto the point and it was Munchkin who would lead the way and get the necessary kills that allowed his team to setup shop on the point, with 11 seconds left on the clock cap Point B. This would put the pressure on the Fuel. They would start their attack with 4 and half minutes to cap first. Their attacks would keep getting stopped until a last push in overtime. In overtime, a big Effect Dragonblade would give his team Point A. The Fuel would only have 30 seconds to get to and cap Point B. After getting an early tick and most of the way through the second, the Dynasty would get the kills falling in their way would get the Fuel off the point and give the Dynasty the map and tie the series at 1.

The control map for the series would be Ilios. The teams would first face off on Lighthouse where the Dynasty would gain early control of the point. They would get all the way up to 83%, before the Fuel mounted a push that would allow them to flip the point in their favor. However, the Fuel would not have the point for long, only able to get 35% before Seoul would take the point back. They wouldn’t give it back, and would come out with a first point win. They would next head to Well and Fleta would shine on the Pharah and lead his team to an early take of the point, which they would not give up and take the point and the map in a dominating fashion. Now Seoul Dynasty would lead 2-1 in the series looking to take the last map and the win.

The last map would be the hybrid map Numbani. The first attack would belong to the Fuel and with overall great team play from the Fuel, they would be able to take Point A and move into the escort phase of the map. Seoul would quickly regroup and force Fuel back into spawn for regroup, before going back in and moving the payload through the streets of Numbani and move into the last part of the map to try and finish it out. Early pushes from the Fuel would be snuffed out by Seoul. The last push from the Fuel would start with 43 seconds left in the round, and the Fuel would get picks and start moving the payload. In overtime, Dallas would be able to finish out the map and put the pressure on the Dynasty. Seoul on their attack would look strong, taking Point A on their push which allowed them to push up and create space for them to able to quickly move the payload and get second point giving the Dynasty over 4 minutes to finish out the map. The Fuel would respond and hold the Dynasty back with strong play from Mickie on the Zarya. However, the Dynasty would not be held and they would eventually get the Fuel’s defense to break, and in an overtime push, the Seoul Dynasty would finish the map and send this crazy match to Round 3 and 4 to decide if Seoul would win or if we would see a map 5. The Fuel would start on attack first, but strong play on the Pharah from Fleta wouldn’t allow the Fuel to gain any control meter and set themselves up for a match winning push. The Fuel were not to be out-shined. Tiamou on the Torb would start the Fuel’s defense. Strong play on the Soldier from Harryhook and Mickie on the DV.a would hold the Dynasty, and the map would result in a tie which gave the win to the Seoul Dynasty, concluding what could possibly the match of the season.

Day 1 of the Overwatch League was a great one with all the action and fireworks that were on display. If this was just day 1, the rest of the season is going to be a great one.