It’s no secret that Blizzard have an extraordinary amount of voice lines that belong to a cast of extremely talented voice actors. There were around 7,000 recorded voice lines upon the release of Overwatch and that number has only grown. Overwatch also supports a wide variety of languages so there are actually 84,000 voice lines that have been translated to over 12 different languages. The amount of time and money it must have taken to record all of these voice lines is outstanding and the cast of voice actors fit the characters perfectly.

After reading about the large amount of Overwatch voice lines, you may be wondering how Bastion’s voice lines are recorded and no, they are not computer generated. Bastion is actually voiced by Chris Metzen, Metzen was the senior vice-president of creative design and story development at Blizzard Entertainment and worked on creating the Overwatch setting. Chris, however, does not entirely do it alone, his voice is put through several various voice modulations and software plugins.