Enter the Dragon

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall” – Confucius

The first team to announce its Overwatch branding, the Shanghai Dragons released their full roster on October 31st, bringing in talented players from teams, Vici Gaming; LGD Gaming; 1246; and FTD Gaming. Their coaching staff is comprised of seasoned coaches, U4 and Kong who want to elevate the gameplay and style of their roster to be up to par with their Korean competitors. In fact, the Chinese region led strategic innovation in Overwatch for large parts of 2017, paving the way for new team compositions and playstyles to be adapted by the latter. The Shanghai Dragons look to live up to the strength and prowess of their namesake.

Fight or Flight

The Chinese have dealt with many roadblocks along their path to Overwatch competitions, with half the roster being denied entry visas into the United States to play the Overwatch World Cup 2017 and arriving one night before their Overwatch League debut. Despite not having any previous practices and scrims as a full team, the fire burns inside the heart and soul of the players who want to build a team worthy of their country’s praise. Shanghai’s manager Van’s words, the team “carries the dreams of many professional Chinese Overwatch players, and should showcase the highest standard.” It is in the Chinese DNA to showcase their talent and values.


Diya (Weida Lu)

With an outstanding DPS performance on Widowmaker and Soldier 76 in the preseason matches, Diya has proven to not only be a starter but a vital part of the Shanghai Dragons roster. Diya plenty of experience in playing competitively with his previous e-sports organisation, Vici Gaming. Previously, he's managed some great plays with Tracer and Mccree too, so look forward to Diya mixing it up a little in matches.

Undead (Chao Fang)

A former LGD Gaming player, Undead brings a solid Mcree/Tracer/Reaper to the arsenal of the Dragons. He has also previously played for China in the Overwatch World Cup 2017 - Shanghai Qualifiers and played prominently in the China region exclusive Overwatch Premier Series throughout 2017. In the Spring Series, LGD came in second place, losing the title to 1246 what was a very close set of matches.


Roshan (Wenhao Jing)

Roshan, at 20 years of age is the Main tank for the Dragons.  He specialises in playing Winston or Reinhardt though then more mobility is needed, he can also play a great D.Va. He is a former player of the FTD Club and has had some success with them in the Overwatch Premier Series last year. FTD stands for 'For the Dream', in case you were wondering.

MG (Dongjian Wu)

Secondary tank player for the Dragons, with his Zarya and D.Va as his main heroes of choice. Having previously been a member of LGD alongside Undead, he too did very well in the Overwatch Premier Series in Spring and Summer of 2017. They also played together in the Overwatch World Cup qualifiers, so have a lot of experience in playing together. MG is also a former player for Star Club and one of the youngest Dragons at 18 years old.


Altering (Yage Cheng)

Altering, previously known as 130 or Gawain, is the first support player we'll be covering. He usually switches between two main support roles, playing both Mercy and Lúcio equally well. When needed, he can also play a mean Ana and has often played her competitively with his previous team, LGD Gaming. If the team name is starting to sound familiar, it's because he's played with MG and Undead.

Fiveking (Zhaoyu Chen)

Fiveking, formally known as 5king, is world famous Lúcio player who rose to fame during the Overwatch World Cup. He is so enthusiastic about the character he has a tattoo of Ribbeat Lúcio skin on his leg, and his game ID is actually a play on words that references the musical support hero. The five in his name is pronounced the same way in Chinese as dance, meaning he is also referred to as Danceking.  Fiveking is a former support player for Team CC.

Freefeel (Peixuan Xu)

Formally known as 130, Freefall has come to specialise in playing as Ana. He previously had a chance to play in the Overwatch World Cup with some of his new teammates and has also shown himself to be a great Sombra player in the past. Officially he isn't a flex player, so it's unlikely that we'll get to see many of those skills during OWL. He is a former support for FTD Gaming with his Dragon teammate, Roshan.


Xushu (Junjie Liu)

The only official Flex player for the Dragons, Xushu specialises in Pharah and Winston. Before the league, he used to play for 1246 and his team won the 2017 Spring Overwatch Premier Series in a very close match with rival team LGD. Previously known as Luca, you might also know that he used to play a great Zarya too.

Year of the Dragon

Having played both Boston Uprising and Seoul Dynasty on their debut to the grand stage, the Shanghai Dragons hope to bring excitement to the Chinese Overwatch scene currently being the one and only team from the region. We hope to see a successful and promising career ahead of the Dragons. That’s a wrap for this Kickoff Countdown, see ya in the next one!