All systems checked out!

It’s 2018! First, a happy New Year to everyone! This year is going to be amazing: the inaugural season of the Overwatch League is finally taking place. We at The Omnic Post are excitedly counting down the days to the first matches of the Overwatch League with an in-depth look at two teams every week. Stage 1 of the League will take place on January 10th, marking the official beginning of the season. It is my honor to introduce you to a real powerhouse of a team, the team that dominated in the Preseason: Seoul Dynasty!


As we are on the eve of the premiere season of the Overwatch League, the Seoul Dynasty is considered the team to beat, with South Korea winning the Overwatch World Cup and Seoul Dynasty’s strong preseason performance. Seoul Dynasty’s core roster, formerly of Lunatic-Hai, is the only team to have won back-to-back titles in OGN APEX, another prestigious international tournament. Given their recent performances, we can expect the Seoul Dynasty to dominate this season.

The Teamwork that makes the dream work

Overwatch and eSports, unlike traditional sports, can radically change several times over the course of the year; we all witnessed it with the string of Mercy changes. Any individual hero or combination of heroes, along with any strategy, could go from a solid win to basically useless overnight with just a single update or strategic innovation. However, there’s one thing that won’t change no matter what is or isn’t included in the latest patch: Overwatch is and will always be a team game. This is a uniform thing that affects everyone from bronze to grandmaster, and that is what the Seoul Dynasty focuses on.

With much of the Seoul Dynasty being based with Lunatic-Hai, they have an amazing tank and support core, and with recent roster changes, they have also really updated their DPS; with the inclusion of Fleta, this makes them formidable all around. The Seoul Dynasty has put together a full roster of 12 players, each with their own achievements to their names. Let’s see the team the Seoul Dynasty has put together.

One of the biggest weaknesses the Seoul Dynasty had was their DPS, but as we all saw in the preseason, this has been largely upgraded.

Fleta (Byung-sun Kim)

Fleta is a powerful force not just based on how skilled he is, but on how well-rounded he is. He is among the best in the world with many different DPS heroes like Soldier: 76, Widowmaker, Genji, and others. Including Fleta in the Seoul Dynasty makes them a real force to be watched.

Bunny (Joon-hyuk Chae)

An addition from Lunatic-Hai. He is very skilled and effective with Tracer.

Munchkin (Sang-beom Byeon)

Munchkin is highly skilled in DPS characters, especially Tracer. He is another member of Lunatic-Hai to join the Seoul Dynasty.

Wekeed (Seok-woo Choi)
An addition to the Seoul Dynasty not from Lunatic-Hai. He places his skills in McCree, Junkrat, and Genji.

KuKi (Dae-kuk Kim)

An addition from MVP/MVP Space. He will be playing the role of tank for the Seoul Dynasty.

Miro (Jin-hyuk Gong)

Miro is regarded as the best Winston player in the world. He is also credited with making the highest standard of performance on that Winston dive-meta tank play. Miro was also a part of Lunatic-Hai.

ryujehong (Je-hong Ryu)

Widely regarded as one of, if not the best, support players in the world. He is the undoubtedly best Ana in the world.  He is widely known for extraordinary play-making abilities and accuracy as well as for his wide hero pool.

tobi (Jin-mo Yang)

Another well-decorated member of the Seoul Dynasty from Lunatic-Hai, he was also part of the South Korean team in the Overwatch World Cup.

Gido (Gi-do Moon)

He was MVP of Overwatch APEX Season 3 when he was part of Lunatic-Hai.

xepheR  (Jae-mo Koo)

A former Lunatic-Hai player with skills in Zarya and D.Va, currently he will be with Seoul Dynasty as a flex player.

zunba (Joon-hyuk Kim)

He is widely known as one of Overwatch's best Zarya players and was part of the winning Overwatch World Cup team.

Here Comes a New Challenger!

The Overwatch League (OWL) will be the highest competitive platform at the apex of Overwatch. It will feature the best of what Overwatch eSports has, and with it, amaze us all. The Seoul Dynasty will represent South Korea and its legacy of eSports in Overwatch. In short, Seoul and its Overwatch team will be a group to watch as we go into the first season of the Overwatch League.