Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan, recently uploaded a new Developer Update video to the PlayOverwatch YouTube channel. In this video he wishes all fans a happy new year before explaining Blizzard’s plans for Overwatch so far for 2018.

Firstly, Kaplan indicates that the Overwatch League will be starting soon which will also bring OWL-themed skins for players. The new map Blizzard World, revealed in November, will also be introduced to Overwatch in the near future. Jeff Kaplan states that “Not only is it a gorgeous map with tons of great Easter eggs in it but we’re also trying a lot of different things with the gameplay in certain areas of how we handle the level design, that I think will make for a really fun and competitive hybrid map.”


In other news, Hero 27 is “well along the path” of being revealed. The new hero is actually already under-going internal testing and Blizzard is “making a lot of great progress.” 

Blizzard are consistently working on Overwatch Competitive and will continue to make “good, short-term, strategic, and tactical fixes to Competitive Play.” The long-term evolution of Overwatch and the ever-growing storyline will also receive a lot of focus this year. This will be done through new maps that are already in the works, animated shorts and comics.

As well as the Year of the Dog event coming soon for the Lunar New Year, Kaplan also teases an updated Uprising event and another Anniversary event. Furthermore, we can expect a ton of new items added to the base loot box, possibly later this month.

 2018 has a very bright future for Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan says “Blizzard and everyone here on the Overwatch team is committed to making Overwatch as great as it can be.”