With only 8 days until the start of the Overwatch League in sunny Los Angeles, California, the excitement keeps building in preparation. Here we are back with another Kickoff Countdown, where we go in-depth on two teams a week up until opening day and take a look at the team rosters, player strengths and notable E-Sports experience. Today we will take look at the team by the Bay, The San Francisco Shock.

Creating Waves

The San Francisco Shock were one of the first teams to be announced in the Overwatch League, and are owned and operated by the esports powerhouse Andy Miller and NRG Esports.  The team was also the third team to announces their logo and roster on October 16th, boasting the bright orange of the Golden Gate Bridge and their uniform displayed on the large than life hero Doomfist. During the pre-season matches, the Shock were looking to prove that they would be a strong team in the League. They would play 3 matches and end up with 1 win and 2 loses but still showed that they could compete with the top tier teams.

Shock The World 

In late September San Francisco would name the members of their roster. The roster would be one the most culturally diverse rosters bring players from all around the world together. The team will be coached by Brad Rajani and his staff of Dillain Odeneal and Harsha Bandi, who all will be helping everyone work as one and bring the championship to the city if San Francisco. 

Andre "IDDQD" Dahlstrom

iddqd is a Swedish DPS main who will be playing on McCree and Solider for the team when he is on the stage. His pro career has been split across many different teams most notably at one point on Rogue

Andrej "Babybay" Francisty

Babybay will bring his Genji and Solider to the team but has proved that he can also play an amazing Widowmaker when needed. He is coming over from the Contenders team Kungarna

Danteh "Danteh" Cruz

Danteh is a Tracer specialist that has shown greatness also on Sombra. He has been playing pro Overwatch since pretty much the beginning. An interesting fact about Danteh is that he has a Minecraft PvP youtube account that has over 120k subscribers.

Jay "sinatraa" Won

Sinatraa may be one of the most electrifying DPS players on the team. Though primarily a Tracer main, he can also flex onto pretty much any DPS hero and still be effective. He also can pull out an outstanding Zarya when needed. He won't be playing in much of the first season however since he doesn't turn 18 until March

David "Nomy" Ramirez

Nomy will be the Shock's main tank player with his stellar Reinhardt and Winston. His pro career started only few months after the games release when he was picked up by Immortals. Most recently he was with the European Contenders team 123

Daniel Martinez "dhaK" Paz

The Spanish support player dhaK will be the main healer on the team with his Mercy play as well as being able to play Lucio when needed. His leadership has been huge for this team in coming together, so much so that he was named the team captain.

Nikola "Sleepy" Andrews

Sleepy is secondary support hero mainly playing Zenyatta but also has a crazy Ana in his back pocket whenever the team needs it. Sleepy is coming over from the pro team ELO GUARDIANS.

Andreas "Nevix" Karlsson

The other Swed on the team Nevis is a DPS/Support flex player whose career history includes working with Cloud9 and Misfits. His hero pool includes Genji and Tracer with the occasional surprise Ana if the team needs him to heal

Matthew "Super" DeLisi

Super is a DPS/Tank flex player and will most likely play a tank role for the team with his outstanding play on Roadhog, though his other main tanks of choice are Reinhardt and Winston. Super is also an underage player for the Shock so he won't be playing with the team until late March when he turns 18


Shock And Awe

The much-anticipated start of the season for the San Francisco Shock will be January 10th at 4 pm PST against the Los Angeles Valiant. If you are looking for more updates on the Shock check out their Twitter, Instagram and the team’s official website.