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Overwatch is packed with references to pop culture, other Blizzard games and names of Blizzard employees. However, the red astronaut suit that can be found between the blue and green astronaut suits on Lijiang Tower: Control Center is actually a tribute to an Overwatch fan from China, Hongyu Wu. Hongyu Wu was a 20 year-old university student who passed away the day before Overwatch’s release. Wu saw someone stealing a classmate’s motorcycle and decided to chase the thief down on his own bike. Unfortunately, he ended up in a tragic accident when the two bikes collided and died in hospital a while later.

The last sign

According to text messages from a group chat Wu was in with his friends, he had been greatly anticipating the release of Overwatch. “Is anyone else really waiting for the launch tomorrow?” was one of the last messages he sent to his friends. On the red astronaut suit’s chest, the name Hongyu can be seen in Chinese and above the head of the astronaut suit Mercy’s catchphrase “heroes never die” can be also be seen in Chinese. This story shows how much Blizzard care for their fans, even if they do nerf your favorite hero and a Blizzard representative even confirmed in an interview with Polygon that “We added that in remembrance of a brave member of our community.”


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