The vast majority of competitive Overwatch players are trying their best to win and move up the ladder, but for the few that are already at the highest ranks, there’s something else they’re playing for: the opportunity to go pro and turn their passion into a career. Until recently, it was difficult to be even looked at by pro teams; however, the eSports department at Overwatch has just unveiled the new Path To Pro, which allows players to prove themselves to Overwatch League teams and maybe even get signed to one.

It all starts with the Overwatch Open Division, where skilled players can form teams and compete against others of similar talent in a four-week season. The best will get a spot in the final tournament, where the top teams will face each other for prizes and a spot in the Overwatch Contenders Trials. Here, the top four Open Division teams will compete with the bottom half of the Contenders bracket, with everyone trying to either keep their spot or make their way in to the next season. The first season will be held in February.



Overwatch Contenders was Blizzard’s first attempt at an Overwatch eSports scene. Because of the great success it had, they’ve decided to expand it to other regions, making it a truly worldwide eSports event. In Season 2 of Contenders there will be 5 new regions, 3 established and 2 new, bringing the total to 7. The regions will cover China (Premier), Korea (APEX), the Pacific, Australia and South America. Overwatch Contenders is like the minor league of the Overwatch League: a place where teams compete for pride and prizes and show off their skill to League scouts, who are on the lookout for the next big talent in Overwatch. Each season is four weeks long, ending in a four-team final tournament in each region to prove who is the best. The bottom four teams will be put into Contenders Trials to fight for their spot in the next season.

The Path To Pro format that the Overwatch team has unveiled will open the door to many talented Overwatch players who normally wouldn’t have the chance to prove themselves, giving them an opportunity make the game they love into their career and future.