Last fortnight, for our first session of Lorewatch, we took a look at Moira and how her unconventional techniques in science led to her becoming part of the Overwatch team.

This week, Ana will take the stand. Join me as we delve into the lore behind the Mum of the Overwatch team.

Lore session two: Ana

Ana Amari was widely considered the best elite sniper the world had. Her dignified poise and expertise distilled confidence amongst her battalion, which she frequently referred to as her “family.” The sixty year old Egyptian mother still firmly believes that “there is nothing more important that protecting the ones you love,” even if that means being behind the trigger of a rifle responsible for ending another’s life. The weight Ana carries from all those she has killed has troubled her conscience for a very long time, but her overwhelming loyalty and assertive demeanour means she will not stop fighting until injustice is obsolete.

“Every target… no, every person… I kill has someone who cares for them as well. It breaks my heart, each one, another notch in my rifle. Another weight on my soul.”

The Omnic Crisis

At the onset of the mighty war between human and Omnic, Egypt suffered tremendous loss. Eager to put an end to the brutal massacre going on outside her window, Ana joined Overwatch’s first strike team. The founding members of Overwatch fought nobly in attempt to end the war. Their mission was successful.

After their huge victory, Overwatch continued to serve and fight against the brutalities of the world. During this time, Ana served as Strike Commander Jack Morrison’s second-in-demand, and worked alongside Gabriel Reyes. She also became acquainted with Amélie Lacroix, wife of fellow Overwatch agent Gérard Lacroix.

At one point, Amélie was kidnapped, the specifics surrounding the situation being highly secretive. After rescuing he, Overwatch had to deal with the loss of one of their best agents, Gérard, whom was murdered in cold blood; all a couple of days before having his wife ‘kidnapped’ yet again.

Fareeha, more commonly known as Pharah

Ana juggled her life as Overwatch’s lead sniper assassin with her life as mother to a young daughter, Fareeha. The two worlds began to collide and Ana tried her hardest to prevent her daughter from being exposed to such harsh realities.

“Every mother hopes for a better life for her daughter; I was willing to fight and die for it.”

Much to her mother’s disapproval, Fareeha took an active interest in Overwatch and longed to some day be an Overwatch agent herself. After she was asked by her daughter for a toy rifle, Ana lost her seemingly-indestructible poise, telling young Fareeha that she would shoot her eye out. Their mother-daughter relationship became bleak, as the tension between the two began to consume their lives.

Temple of Anubis

The events that transpired during the anti-Talon operation in Egypt gravely corrupted Ana. Strike Commander Morrison led the Overwatch team to another success, rescuing multiple innocent hostages taken by the terrorist group, Talon. Ana was tasked with taking down the enemy sniper, an unknown gunner with tremendous skill and precision. Living up to her name as “one of the finest snipers on the planet,” Ana momentarily disabled her opponent, allowing herself to move into position and carefully but tactically line up the shot.

Her opponent recovered and revealed her identity to the veteran sniper; formerly Amélie Lacroix, now known as Widowmaker. Shocked and bewildered, Ana hesitated, giving Widowmaker the perfect opportunity to take a final shot of her own.

“I could not take the life I needed to. I hesitated, and everything changed.”

Firing through the scope of her rifle and straight into her right eye, Ana was critically wounded by Widowmaker. The shot was so disastrous that the Egyptian marksman was presumed dead. However, she survived, with the exception of her right eye.


After losing her right eye and staring death down the barrel, Ana chose to stay away from combat and conflict. Fatigued from battle, both physically and emotionally, she wrestled with her demons and the immense guilt for the lives she had ended.

Egyptian mythology tells the story of Horus; the Egyptian guardian diety. After arguing with a friend, Horus was injured and his eye was lost. Both Ana and her daughter have an eye of Horus tattoo.

”The world believed that I was dead; I thought perhaps that was for the best. I’ve lost so much in my life.”

However, it was not in her nature to sit on the sidelines and allow such vast cruelties to consume to the world she had once fought so hard to protect. Before writing a letter to her daughter to explain her absence, Ana set out to continue fighting for her family.

Under the alias of “Shrike,” Ana became the mysterious masked vigilante, terrorising the bullies that refused to let Egypt rest. After sabotaging multiple operations by Talon, Shrike found herself wanted for espionage, assault, and theft.

After hearing of Shrike and the unruly crimes she was wanted for, Jack Morrison set out to capture her. After reaching the disguised mercenary, conflict arose and the woman was revealed to be Ana; Morrison had believed for all these years that she was dead. The two were reunited and agreed to fight together once again, as she told him “you need someone to watch your back.”

Today, the Egyptian mother continues to fight for peace and protection of her family.

“I know that there are still people who need to be protected, so I cannot stop fighting. Not yet. Not while there are people still waiting for me.”