With the start of the Overwatch League coming very close, the twelve teams are starting to increase their social media presence. Boston Uprising has shared a fun little video on Twitter, showing a visit to the Blizzard Arena by Robert Kraft, CEO of The Kraft Group, a multi-billion dollar company that owns several famous sports teams, including the New England Patriots and New England Revolution. Kraft’s newest addition to the sports team list is the Boston Uprising Overwatch League team.

In the video we can spot Kraft shaking hands with all the Boston Uprising team members, and encouraging them to go the distance. He adds extra punch to his well-wishes by showing them his ring, which depicts the five Superbowl trophies Kraft has obtained with the New England Patriots. We’ll have to see if the Boston Uprising can join Kraft’s line of champions when the Overwatch League starts on January 10th!