The long awaited Junkertown escort map dropped with patch , going live on console and PC servers after a long testing phase on the PTR! Junkertown has a lot of fun secrets, and contains lore for Junkrat and Roadhog.


Junkertown is the rustic ghost town that rose from the ashes of the destroyed Australian outback. The outback was destroyed when an anti-omnic group blew it up in retaliation to their land being given to omnics. Thus, this den of scavengers was born!

In the first attack spawn, players are greeted by Roadhog’s giant motorcycle, that has been teased in the recent Overwatch comics and an in-game news report about the two infamous pyrotechnics.  The attack spawn is inside of the duo’s house, where we find a cool array of easter eggs. There is a humongous bed in one corner, where Roadhog most likely sleeps. The bed has a machine attached to it filled with a liquid much like Roadhog’s canisters. Near it, is a machine that holds oxygen. Could our big friend be suffering from sleep apnea? Pay special attention to the two pressure plates on the floor. When two players stand on these, they will open up a secret room with shiny loot the duo obtained on their travels! Seems like Blizzard wanted to work on some team building skills!

Moving from the spawn, players are greeted by a familiar payload, the same one that Junkrat and Roadhog were trying to push to the Queen in the animated teaser. Junkrat’s workshed is also nearby. Here you can find a load of bombs, a trap, and a large sign with his symbol on it. On the walls of Junkertown there are different posters, including one of the Queen and the laws of the town.


There are a number of small passages that players can use to get around the map and get the advantage over the opposing team. For example, after the second checkpoint, there is a small passage that players can walk under to avoid the large turn. There is also a large moving platform, perfect for sneaking around the top part raining mayhem on the enemy team.

Junkertown has a lot of high vantage points, like the flat roof houses near the first attackers spawn, perfect for snipers such as Widowmaker or Hanzo. These houses also work well for sneaking up on the opposing team, or for hiding from impending danger. Flankers will love these shacks to get up and close to the healers in the backline without being seen.

Inside the settlement, it is easy to use the buildings for flanking as well. With many hiding spots, there are some great locations for teleporters and shield generators, or to set up your sniper hero. Jumping down from these high ledges provides the perfect opener for a well placed Reaper or Genji ultimate.

Royal Hog

There is a popular fan theory that Roadhog was once the mayor or king of Junkertown, based on the fighting mecha with the license plate “K-ng” on it. This theory is backed up by the fact that Roadhog is not well liked by the Queen and lives outskirts of Junkertown.  He even shares a voiceline with the Queen: “Welcome to the Apocalypse.”  Maybe Junkrat and Hog were stealing the British crown jewels because our favorite pig was missing a crown!


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